The Cesar Ades Award

The Cesar Ades Award was offered by ISCP (International Society for Comparative Psychology) - Colombia, the Organizing Committee of the XVII Biennial Meeting (Bogota, Colombia, September 10-12, 2014), to the best posters presenting students' research.
César Ades (1943-2012) was a Brazilian psychologist, researcher in animal behavior of the Univerisity of São Paulo. Ades was an active member of the ISCP and a leader of basic psychological research in Brazil. 
The winners of the César Ades award were:
* Neurosciences and animal models: Brenda Méndez (Costa Rica), "First exploratory experience determines further risk-assessment behavior in dark-light and elevated-plus maze tests".  
* Behavior analysis: Lucas Cuenya (Argentina): "Frustration increases the incentive value of an expected reward".
* Comparative animal behavior: Andrés David Ballesteros-Ardila (Brazil): "stone tool selectivity in capuchin monkeys on the basis of shape".
The evaluators of the César Ades award were:
* Mariana Bentosela (Argentina)
* Mario Laborda (Chile)
* Felipe Cabrera (México).